man George Harry LEWIN‏‎
, son of George Manfred LEWIN and Sarah Ann Doalman‏.
Born ‎2 Apr 1881 Spital, New Windsor, Berkshire, England, died ‎Dec 1959 Newport I Of W‎, 78 years
Grand Father

Married ‎7 Jul 1904 Northwood I of W (55 years married) to:

woman Agnes Kate SPRAKE‏‎, daughter of William Sprake and Agnes Ann SPENCER‏.
Born ‎27 Sep 1886 Northwood, Isle of Wight, England, died ‎Sep 1963 Newport I Of W‎, 76 or 77 years


woman Winifred A K Lewin‏
Born ‎27 Dec 1905 Northwood, Isle of Wight, England, died ‎15 Feb 1987 Newport, Isle of Wight, England‎, 81 years
woman Clarice M R LEWIN‏
Born ‎C1905 Newport I Of W‎
woman Gwendoline LEWIN‏
Born ‎Oct 1907 Newport I Of W‎
man George Cecil Patric LEWIN‏
Born ‎21 Dec 1909 Isle of Wight - Cowes, died ‎26 Aug 1965 Gosport, Hampshire, England‎, 55 years
man Collin LEWIN‏
Born ‎1910 Newport I Of W‎
woman Peggy M LEWIN‏
Born ‎C1910‎
man Donald Charles Lewin‏‎
Born ‎OctOBER 1911 Newport I Of W, died ‎15 Jun 1986 Wrekin, Shropshire, England‎, 74 or 75 years
woman Florance Aileen LEWIN‏
Born ‎29 Sep 1913 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, died ‎Oct 1985 Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, England and Wales‎, 72 years
woman Doreen LEWIN‏
Born ‎Mar 1918 Isle of Wight, Hampshire‎, 99 years